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"We were touched by his sincerity and eloquence so much so that we invited him back a second time to spearhead a youth event for the whole county." Maggie Andre -  Associate Pastor​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ of Music and Worship, Grove Park Baptist Church, Clinton, NC​​​​​​​

"All throughout elementary school I have had classes and speakers teach me about the importance of making good decisions in life when it comes to peer pressure and drug use.  Mr. Rodgers had the best effect on me.  I have never had anybody tell me their story about a loved one dying from drug abuse in real life.  It takes courage to talk in front of a lot of kids about such an emotional topic and I am thankful he shared his story."  Kayla D. - High School Student

"I really liked the guest speaker and what he had to say.  He really opened my eyes onto what can happen with long-time drug usage.  I really appreciate him sharing Chase's story with us.  It also increased my awareness.  I'm going to write my vision for my life down, like he said to do."  Katheryn D. - High School Student.​​​​  

"Dear Mr. Rodgers,       Thank you so much for coming to our school yesterday and talking with us! Your presentation showed me how people can be good people but their whole world can be turned upside down just by hanging with the wrong crowd. It also showed how easy it is to get addicted and how much of a struggle it is to partially recover. This also had a different affect on me than other presentations because of you personal and emotional connection to the subject." Cailey A. ​​​​​​​- High School Student​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

"Dear Mr. Rodgers, after your session I have been seriously considering who I hang with.  I am thankful you came in to teach us an important life lesson." Quinten B. - High School Student  

“Darryl Rodgers is a prolific and passionate professional speaker. When he leads a group, Darryl creates a clear picture in such a way that he not only inspires the audience, but he profoundly touches their heart. He engages with the audience, for the intentional purpose of making a difference. Each and every time he steps in front of a group he is confident and self-aware. Simply put, Darryl was made for this. “ Candice Solis, JD - NC MADD

Get the Power to Succeed!  

Get the Power to Succeed!

In 2014, my oldest son, Chase, died in a drug-related wreck after struggling with addiction for one and a half years. The driver later took her own life.  Since Chase's death, I have focused on helping our youth find the power to succeed in life.  I believe that if a young person has a clear vision for their future, a plan on how to make that vision a reality, and a belief that they can execute that plan, they are destined to find happiness and success.  When a young person is laser-focused on their vision, they're much less likely to make destructive decisions.

"He is a passionate and high energy speaker - the type of speaker that students rush up to at the end to continue the conversation.  Don’t pass up the opportunity to invite Darryl Rodgers to speak at your event."   Lisa Da​​​​​​​ndre Assistant Principal for Student Life, St. Charles East High School St. Charles, IL​​​​​​​


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"Students need to acquire knowledge.  They also deserve the inspiration and ​​​​​​​tools needed for success! ​​​  Emotional intelligence is just as important, if not more important than intellect when it comes to success and making important choices.  Many bright people make dumb decisions that negatively impact their future because of a lack of emotional intelligence.  I want to teach students how to recognize the importance of emotional intelligence​​​​​​​ and begin to build it."  Darryl Rodgers

With Video or Powerpoint

I have given presentations at a variety of venues over the past few years, from church and ministry functions to schools, scout troops, drug courts, press conferences, youth organiztion conferences, and even before a state legislative commission.  I can tailor a talk for your group.   

Tailored for Your Organization and Event

I'm a natural story-teller and I've been honing my craft over the past few years.  I'm just as comfortable giving a talk without audio/visual aids as I am with.  My stories always have a moral, and I leave my audience with three or four main points they can use to improve their lives.   

Without Audio/Visual

Students deserve the tools and inspiration to reach their potential in life.  I have been speaking professionally since 2015.  My signature talks in schools usually follow the showing of "Deadly Influences", the 23-minute film I produced about Chase's life.  "Deadly Influences" makes students laugh at Chase in the beginning as they get to know and relate to him.  In the end, students are heartbroken by his story.  I follow the film with a 5-minute inspirational talk and an interactive Q &  A session.  I use a visualization technique to help them create a positive vision and plan for their future.   

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Types of Speeches

A Life Half Lived has over 500 reviews.  The Kindle version can be downloaded for free.

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